Milk and Krunchies About Us

Practicing law is not for everyone and after countless hours of fine-print, Melissa turned to the one comfort she could always depend on – sweets… but not just any sweet, rice crispy treats. With two little ones running circles around Kathleen, any good mother knows the easiest form of appeasement is sugar… So over the years rice crispy treats have remained a constant in these girls’ dessert repertoire; and after witnessing the obsession with cupcakes, cookies and yogurt firsthand, Mel and Kat knew it was time to make their childhood favorite available for all to enjoy.

Their recipe is as follows:

2 lbs. of best friends – 1/2 Melissa, 1/2 Kathleen
Pour Melissa into pot. Melissa is made from combining a Duke Law degree and 7 years of practice.
Mix in Kathleen and whisk. In order to prepare Kathleen she must first be sent to Parsons School of Design and baked slowly to build a successful photo album business.
Add 1 cup of entrepreneurial spirit
Heat ingredients over a medium flame until completely melted
Sprinkle in TLC “tender loving care”
Serve with laughter and creativity. The end result should be one of the most amazing gourmet imaginative treats to hit the dessert crazed scene. Enjoy…
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