Every year, millions of Americans are affected by spider veins. The truth is that around 39% of females have this type of condition. As the population grows older, its prevalence rises.  

In addition to that, around 97% of females will have spider veins or another type of vein condition by the age of 80.  

However, though the exact cause of this condition isn’t still known, there are a couple of factors that have been associated with contributing to the vein condition that will ultimately need spider vein removal Delray Beach FL. 

Past Blood Clot or Sun Damage 

It can cause damage to the skin if you are exposed to the damaging UV rays from the sun. This is particularly true on the face. This will place a person at a higher risk of getting spider veins. Past vein damage or blood clot also leads the veins to not properly work. This can result in a similar illness. 

Prolonged Standing or Sitting 

If an individual stays in the same position for a long period, the leg veins have to work very hard to move the blood towards the heart. This extra pressure can cause spider veins in individuals who are sitting or standing for hours. 

Hormones and Obesity 

Individuals who weigh more compared to the ideal body can experience spider veins. The reason for this is that there’s extra pressure on their leg veins. Females who are undergoing hormonal treatments for menopause or taking birth control also have a high risk for spider veins due to the estrogen that weakens the valves of their vein. 


A lot of females who become pregnant acquire spider veins. The reason for this is that there is additional pressure on the leg veins with the addition of the baby’s weight. Spider veins might vanish after pregnancy. However, others can stay permanent.  

Gender, Age, and Family History 

According to studies, around 89% of patients who experienced spider veins have a family history of this illness. In addition to that, females are more affected compared to males and age contributes to the risk factor of acquiring this vein disease. The reason for this is that the veins’ valves get weaker as a person grows older.  

Every single one of these factors will ultimately result in the need for the removal of the spider vein. This is particularly true if a patient is suffering already from pain or if the appearance of those unpleasant spider veins on her face or legs is bothering her already.  

Professionals may recommend wearing socks or compression stockings to apply pressure on the veins and boost blood flow. Endovenous laser therapy, sclerotherapy, and laser treatments are also a couple of the most well-known types of spider vein removal nowadays.  

However, it is vital to regularly exercise, maintain a good weight, prevent standing or sitting for an extended time, and wear sunscreen since prevention is still an ideal way to avoid spider veins. Also, it is ideal not to wear tight clothes since it limits the flow of blood.