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How many old phones do you have in your drawers? Some might still be functional while others are already worn out. Can the phones be of any help after that? You might decide to sell them as second hand or donate to the needy. It is your daily duty to take care of the environment. Hence the need to dispose of anything you no longer use responsibly. When it comes to phones, there are some safe disposal methods discussed in the article below. Read on.

Disposing of old phones


donate a phoneYou can decide to give away your phone to the needy. This way, you will protect the environment and touch the heart of people. There is nothing better than making someone happy. Instead of piling phones in your drawers, look for some needy neighbor, relative or friends and bless them with the old phones. Avoid any temptations to throw the phones in your trash bin.


The other option is to sell the old phones. There are different avenues to sell the phone. If your phone cannot be reused, you can sell it to phone repairers. They will use different parts to repair old phones. Secondly, if your phone is in good condition, you can sell it to a friend or relative who cannot afford a new one. What seems old to you might be a dream phone to another person only that they cannot afford it new.

You can get buyers from social media. In fact, there is a huge market in the social media. But there are things you should do too. First, you should take real pictures of the item you want to sell. The pictures should be clear and of high quality. Post them on your social media platforms. Make sure to include, the phone model, period of usage, and any other relevant information about the item on sale. It is important that you give details on the cost of the item, your phone number or email and the point of collection. If you decide to sell on social media stick to the truth and only the truth about the item on sale. Do lie about details like period of usage. It is important that the customer gets exactly what you had advertised.

Exchange for other items

PollutionI am sure you have heard about stores who exchange old items for new stuff. In this case, you will give them your old phone/s and get another item of your choice worth the phone. The idea here is to responsibly dispose of the no longer used phone or whatever another item you might have.