Various Types of Packaging Materials

The best packaging material can mean the difference between shipping a fragile product successfully and delivering it in pieces. There are several factors to consider when buying a packaging material. Some of the factors include the strength of the product, value, weight, and whether the item is subjected to adverse conditions. Therefore, if you are not sure as how much protection you require, you should choose a strong packaging material.


edr433 plastic packagingThis is the most commonly used packaging material because it is lightweight and cheap. It can easily be manufactured in a broad range of shapes and sizes. This allows companies to make packages that are convenient to the users. Food manufacturers use plastic packaging to increase the convenience of the item. Polycover plastic packaging is highly recommended because it is impact resistant and heat sealable. However, additives used in plastic have been found to contaminate certain products.


Cardboard boxes are widely used for packaging since the 18th century. The good thing about cardboard is that it is easier to handle and cheaper to manufacture as compared to traditional wooden crates. The modern cardboard boxes are of corrugated fiberboard to add stability and strength without increasing the weight or thickness of the box. If you require additional protection, then you should go for double-walled boxes.

Bubble wrap

This is a packaging material that is a source of entertainment after unpacking the products. A lot of children love popping the air bubbles which provide wrap’s cushioning. In fact, there are even virtual video games which stimulate act of popping bubble wrap with unique snapping sounds. The main reason for use bubble wrap is because of its effectiveness at protecting the fragile products without adding considerable cost or weight. If you are shipping small items or ones that need extra protection, you can overlap the bubble wrap to offer several layers of cushioning.

Shrink wrap

gy4rf4 shrink wrapThis is widely used on shipping of commercial products that require tamper protection. For instance, they are used in shipping DVDs or CDs. After wrapping the heat, a machine applies heat to shrink the wrap. In this way, it creates a tight seal, which keeps moisture out. Some manufacturers use it to package perishable foods.

Tissue paper

It is used inside containers to fill empty spaces. This is necessary to prevent shifting of items during transit. Fragile items such as porcelain or glass are wrapped in tissue papers before placed in a protective container used for shipping.