Turn Your Singing Hobby to a Job

When thinking of singing for a living, the first thing that will pop into our mind is pop artist and singers that make music albums, however realistically that is not something that everyone can do. But there are a lot of jobs where you can sing to make money, continue reading to find out more about the opportunities that you have.

Make songs for a collaborative project

musicBehind a lof movie and videos that you watched both online and offline, there is a lot of people that work to make it happen, and music is a big part of it. Many websites would let freelancer and anyone who needs their service to meet and do business, you make a profile there and upload your sample music. To have a sample, you can record your voice professionally at because standard recording devices would not be able to produce a high-quality audio as recording studio would. The possibility is endless if you let yourself to take the chance from an animation that needs an original song, a Youtuber that wants to have an authentic background music to avoid copyright, and so on.

Wedding singer

Did you know that Michael Bublé was discovered by David Foster because he was a wedding singer, and David happens to attend one of the weddings where he sings? Being a wedding singer is a great job because the demand is high and people get married everywhere almost every day. You can start by singing in one of your friend’s wedding and build a reputation from there. Another way is to approach a wedding organizer company and let them know that you are available to entertain and sing at weddings.

Choir member

music sheetIf to become a choir member or also known as chorist choir is what you want, then you can join one that you like and make money that way. Find a group of people that you have a lot of similarity with your preferences in music because a choir is a team that needs to work together in harmony so it will be hard if you join the wrong group. Remember that there might be no one group that is the best for all but there is a group that will suits you better, and it will be different for others. Usually, a professional choir can join a lot of competition worldwide, and this is a bonus where you can travel for free. There is so much about a choir that people usually underestimate.